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  • The early Christian Basilica at Vrina Plain
  • Butrint
  • Buthrot



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      • The archaeological excavations of 2004 at the Vrina Plain, in Butrint, discovered en early Christian church, the narthex of which was built into the reception room of an earlier Roman house. The church, which was only partially excavated, is a three-aisled... Read More
      • The largest excavation undertaken during the season of 2005 in the Vrina Plain, at the ancient site of Butrint, centered on the 5th-century basilica, which was initially identified in 2004. It is clear that this church, with its mosaic pavement, was made w... Read More
      • The excavations on the early Christian basilica at the Vrina Plane, located in the south of the ancient city of Butrint continued even during the 2006 archaeological season. The intention of the work was to uncover the stratigraphy related to this monument... Read More
    • 100 AD
    • 470 AD
    • 850 AD
    • 900 AD
    • 1250 AD


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