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Archaeological Survey

  • Italy
  • Veneto
  • Province of Vicenza
  • Recoaro Terme


  • The aims of the project are the analysis of the relationship between Trentino and Veneto Prealps from prehistory to the present day; the detection in the mountain landscape of the main activity places and of the ways connecting them; the study of the changing function of the area during periods of conflict/interaction along the border. In the 2019 fieldwork, many different methodological approaches were employed: analysis of aerial photos; survey, ethnological and archival research, GIS-based landscape analysis and predictive models, the use of LiDAR data for the study of the wooded areas. The combined use of the collected data allowed the identification of the long-term activities of exploitation of the studied areas, documented both by the ethnographic and archeological data. The major periods of conflict in these areas are highlighted by the archaeological data. Future research is suggested by the 2019 fieldwork: the excavation of zones in which Bronze Age presence is proved; the study in areas of road junction between Veneto Prealps and Trentino; the analysis of the hillforts of the Lessini in their interaction with the highlands. ............................................................................................................................. Migliavacca, M. 2021, Oltre il confine [data-set]. Fasti Online Survey [distributor]. Permalink:

Project Dates

  • 2019 - 2021


  • No period data has been added yet
  • 2100 BC
  • 1300 BC
  • 1915 AD

Survey Method

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  • We covered a territory of 1,35 kmq in the mountains of the municipality of Recoaro Terme, called “Piccole Dolomiti”. We divided the area in 134 UR (unities of research), of different extension depending on the slope and practicability of the ground. We walked in teams of 6 archaeologists at the distance of 5 to 10 m from each other. We identified 683 stoning heaps, 177 remains of huts, 72 shelters possibly exploited by shepherds, hunters, charcoal burners, smugglers; more or less 15 lime kilns; more or less 10 coal holes; and structures built and exploited during World War I. Given the scarcity of findings at these high quotes (from 1000 to 1600 m asl) we collected all the identified findings dating to all periods. All the identified evidence, both structures and artifacts, were mapped through a manual GPS and recorded through appropriate tabs. The visibility factor affecting field sampling methods and results has been taken into account thanks to the production of a visibility map; in the wooded areas a LiDAR-based analysis has been undertaken.

Other Comments

  • Research director: Mara Migliavacca,, Università degli Studi di Verona, Dipartimento di Culture e Civiltà; Field directors: Silvia Bandera, Jessica Bezzi Università degli Studi di Verona, Dipartimento di Culture e Civiltà; GIS expert: Anita Casarotto, Università degli Studi di Verona, Dipartimento di Culture e Civiltà; ethnoarcheologist: Luca Pisoni, Università degli Studi di Verona, Dipartimento di Culture e Civiltà.
  • Identification of the main activity areas and reconstruction of possible connections between them; analysis of the long-term relationships between Trentino and Prealpine Veneto from prehistory to the present day; study of the evolving function of this frontier area during periods of conflict/interaction.

Funding Body

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  • Recoaro Terme municipality

Research Institution

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  • Università degli Studi di Verona, Dipartimento di Culture e Civiltà


  • Director
    • Mara Migliavacca


    • Mara Migliavacca – Silvia Bandera – Jessica Bezzi – Anita Casarotto – Luca Pisoni. 2021. Archeologia delle alte quote sulla montagna veneta: la campagna di ricognizione di superficie 2019 a Recoaro Terme (Vicenza). FOLD&R Archaeological Survey: 14.
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Survey Data

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