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Archaeological Survey

  • Italy
  • Basilicate
  • Province of Potenza
  • Grumento Nova


  • This topographic survey resulted in an accurate inventory of archaeological sites of mainly rural standing monuments but also few scatters of artefacts visible at the surface accompanied by maps, photographs and descriptions. A small territory surrounding the ancient town of Grumentum was explored through a non-systematic targeted survey by Tarlano who identified in total 22 archaeological sites mainly corresponding to ancient structures and ruins both already known from previous sources and newly discovered, but also few surface scatters of archaeological material (e.g. concentrations of pottery sherds, fragments of bricks and tiles). Site locations were recorded with GPS, plotted on IGM maps (1:25,000) and site descriptions were provided (Tarlano 2010).

Project Dates

  • 2010


  • No period data has been added yet
  • 1000 BC
  • 400 BC
  • 1400 AD

Survey Method

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  • Field Director: Francesco Tarlano

Research Focus

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Other Comments

  • This record has been produced by the FASTI Online Survey team
  • The aim of this survey was to trace the route of ancient roads such as the Via Herculia, locate already-known archaeological sites such as funerary monuments along these roads, and map their exact position with the GPS. This allowed reconstructing the road network around Grumentum and assessing the conservation status of several archaeological sites close to these roads.

Research Institution

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  • Università degli Studi di Bologna


  • Director
    • Francesco Tarlano