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Archaeological Survey

  • Italy
  • Basilicate
  • Province of Potenza
  • Chiaromonte


  • Regional and site-oriented field survey. A territory of 750 sq km was explored. Twelve teams composed by one leader and two or more students walked through all accessible fields in the survey area to identify archaeological sites corresponding to surface concentrations of archaeological material and ancient structures/ruins. In total 930 archaeological sites were recorded, plotted on topographic maps in GIS, and described in a relational database.

Project Dates

  • 1997 - 2000


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  • 3400 BC
  • 2300 BC
  • 500 AD

Survey Method

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Other Comments

  • This record has been produced by the FASTI Online Survey team
  • Rural organization, settlement patterns, land use strategies and landscape evolution from protohistory until late antiquity. The aim of this project was to register all archaeological surface evidence (i.e. archaeological sites) and create distribution maps useful to both topographic research and for the needs of cultural resource management (spatial planning).

Funding Body

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  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) - Progetto Mezzogiorno (Director Dr Marco Malavasi)

Research Institution

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  • Università di Bologna (Director Prof. Lorenzo Quilici); Seconda Università di Napoli (Director Prof. Stefania Quilici Gigli)


  • Director
    • Stefania Quilici Gigli
    • Lorenzo Quilici