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Archaeological Survey


    • The Umm ad Dananir Archaeological Survey was born out of the Baq'ah Valley Project. This region held the highest density of the perennial springs and known archaeological remains in the valley and was selected as the primary study area. The project has shown that immediate access to valuable natural resources and strategic location would appear to have been main determinants of human settlment in the Baq'ah. McGovern 1986 p. 7-8

    Project Dates

    • 1977 - 1981

    Survey Method

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    Other Comments

    • Neutron activation analysis, argon microprobe, thin-section analysis, thermoluminescent and radiocarbon dating
    • Are there more Late Bronze Age remains in the Umm ad-Dananir region? What were the causes, characteristics and degree of change from the Bronze Age to Iron Age societies in the region? How does it compare to other contemporary societies in other regions?

    Research Institution

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