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Archaeological Survey


    • "The present study forms part of my longterm research strategy that is aimed at examining the growth of towns, rual settlements, and the rural landscpae over much of the last ten thousand years. Emphasis is upon the retrieval of information from surface surveys, and at the same time, the integration of cultural change within both the local environmental context and long-term environmental change. It must be emphasized that the surveys under discussion, collectively called the Sweyhat Survey, were small and rather detailed studies of some 60 sq. km of land around Tell es-Sweyhat and the thirty sites therin on the east bank of the Euphrates River; the surveys were conducted in 1974, 1991, and 1992." Wilkinson et al. 2004 p1.

    Project Dates

    • 1974 - 1992


    • No period data has been added yet
    • 13000 BC
    • 10000 BC
    • 7600 BC
    • 6000 BC
    • 2600 BC
    • 2300 BC
    • 1300 AD
    • 2000 AD

    Survey Method

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    Other Comments

    • wine presses; quarries

    Research Institution

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