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Archaeological Survey

  • Romania
  • Teleorman County
  • Comuna Siliştea


  • "The SRAP has designed a multi-disciplinary program of field survey and limited excavation. The project methodology uses intensive field walking, geophysical surveying, soil augering, pollen analysis and sondage excavation." Project Website. It is "examining trends in prehistoric land-use and settlement patterns in southeastern Europe." Bailey e.a. 1999

Project Dates

  • 1998 -


  • No period data has been added yet
  • 6500 BC
  • 4800 BC
  • 3600 BC

Survey Method

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  • Cross method, Grid Method

Other Comments

  • Sondage excavation; Micromorphology; Radiocarbon dating
  • Why did people make the shift from modile, semi-sedentary life using pit-dwellings to the more permanent, substantial village based communities? Why did these people decide that burying their dead with sensational quantities of "goodies" was necessary?

Research Institution

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