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Archaeological Survey


    • Using a multidisciplinary approach, this project reconstructs human activity in this remote and rugged area from the time of the first arrivals ca. 3000 BC until the end of the Ottoman rule in AD 1900, as well as the human-landscape interactions in the broad environmental and altitudinal range. They also explore the relationships between coastal and inland settlements, along with possible connections between Sphakia and areas in the north.

    Project Dates

    • 1986 - 1999


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    • 4900 BC
    • 3500 BC
    • 1900 AD

    Other Comments

    • -When people first arrived on Crete -Learn about the environment and vegetation of Sphakia both before and after people arrived -How were Sphakia and Khania connected during the Minoan Period -Possible travel paths across White Mountain -What determines inland-coastal fluctuations in settlements, external or internal factors -How does coastal linking affect the growth and development of settlements and the connections between them

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