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Archaeological Survey


Survey ProjectProject NameLocationOptions
AIAC_1Acconia Surveyview record
AIAC_102SEEP: The Southern Euboea Exploration Projectview record
AIAC_103Halos Projectview record
AIAC_105The Aghia Kyriaki, Melos Projectview record
AIAC_106Kataliontas-Kourvellosview record
AIAC_112Phlius Surveyview record
AIAC_129Dokos Surveyview record
AIAC_133Western Mesara Field Surveyview record
AIAC_139Lemba Archaeological Project (LAP)view record
AIAC_141Athienou Archaeological Projectview record
AIAC_142Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey (in Akra Sophia)view record
AIAC_147Ayiofarango Valley Surveyview record
AIAC_15Castro Area Surveyview record
AIAC_152Archaeological Survey of Cyprusview record
AIAC_18Civitella Cesi Surveyview record
AIAC_190North Jazira Surveyview record
AIAC_215Tell M?dab? Archaeological Projectview record
AIAC_24Forum Novum-Vescovioview record
AIAC_258Prospection archéologique d'Itanosview record
AIAC_261Gebel el-Asr Projectview record
AIAC_262The Jabal Hamrat Fidan Projectview record
AIAC_270Doganella di Ninfa Surveyview record
AIAC_271Fogliano Surveyview record
AIAC_273The Wadi Hasa Paleolithic Project (WHPP)view record
AIAC_28Heraclea Minoaview record
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