• Castellaccio Europarco
  • Il Castellaccio (Municipio XII)


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    • 400 BC - 700 AD


      • As part of the archaeological investigations, undertaken from 2003 onwards, in the locality of Castellaccio, prior to the realization of the “Europarco” urban programme a Roman road was brought to light which can be identified as the ancient via Laurentina. The exposed stretch, on a N/NE-S/SW alignment is circa 400 metres long. It crossed over the Fosso dell’Acqua Acetosa (whose course was regulated in antiquity with a cement lining) on a bridge and was flanked by two building complexes (one interpreted as a rural structure, the other perhaps a mansio) and by a necropolis with almost one hundred tombs. In the final part of the stretch of road a secondary road led off to the east, this was uncovered for a length of circa 150 m and resulted as being in use during all occupation phases of the area. The reasoning behind the main road’s identification with the via Laurentina regards not only its position but also construction technique and the many restoration and maintenance interventions which must have been carried out by the state. The construction and occupation phases of the area run from the 4th-3rd century B.C. until the late Imperial and post-antique periods. (Anna Buccellato)


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