• Curanda, cascina Castellaro
  • Curanda Castellaro
  • Italy
  • Lombardy
  • Province of Bergamo
  • Calcio


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  • 1320 BC - 1280 BC


    • A small necropolis comprising 20 tombs with cremations came to light at Urago d’Oglio, on the edge of an excavation of Roman remains and early medieval burials. The necropolis was situated almost on the edge of a terrace rising on the left bank of the river Oglio, and was perhaps associated with the settlement which was partially investigated in 1976-77 ( a small trench and surface collection), situated at circa 650m north of the tombs. The tombs date to the end of the mid Bronze – beginning of the late Bronze Age, and have certain characteristics which make them closer in type to the necropoli of western Lombardy (Canegrate-MI; Gambolò-PV), than to those known in the eastern part of the region (Cavriana and Virgilio – MN). (Laura Simone Zopfi)


    • Laura Simone Zopfi. 2005. Urago d'Oglio (BS). Necropoli ad incinerazione dell'età del bronzo. FOLD&R Italy: 40.


    • L. Simone Zopfi, Urago d’Oglio (BS), località Curanda, cascina Castellaro. Necropoli dell’età del Bronzo, in NOTIZIARIO 1998, Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Lombardia:13-18.