• Bojano
  • Bojano
  • Italy
  • Molise
  • Province of Campobasso
  • Bojano


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  • 50 BC - 100 AD


    • At Bojano during consolidation work along the course of the R. Calderari, which runs through the centre of the town, a stretch of paved road came to light. This road was first brought to the attention of the Superintendency in 1998 when work on the consolidation of the right bank of the river revealed the presence of ancient structures. Consequently, it was necessary to modify the planned work on the river bank in order to uncover this long stretch of road. As the site is in the town centre the investigation of this ancient structure was limited by the surrounding housing, modern infrastructures and the river-bed. The town's administrators and residents agreed that the ancient road should remain visible to the public. The road is on a north-east / south-west alignment and has been uncovered for a length of 44.80m. Both edges have been uncovered. On one side, the entrance to a building was identified, of the other, only the line of the kerb stones was identified as the rest of the structure is below the river-bed which, following the road's discovery has been narrowed in order to leave its entire width visible. The road is paved with large, irregular and occasional hexagonal limestone basoli. The substantial dimensions of the road indicate that it must have been a decumanus maximus of the Roman town, dating to the early Imperial period. (Valeria Ceglia)


    • Valeria Ceglia. 2005. BOJANO (CB) - Il lastricato stradale. FOLD&R Italy: 32.


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