• Castellum Amerinum
  • Seripola
  • Castellum Amerinum
  • Italy
  • Lazio
  • Province of Viterbo
  • Orte


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  • 120 BC - 530 AD


    • Excavation of this site in the 1960’s revealed a settlement, which developed from the 2nd century BC on into late antiquity, with some public buildings including a bath house. However, the edges of the town were never discovered, and so the full extent of the settlement, and its role in the Tiber Valley, was never totally understood. Microtopography, magnetometry and resistivity survey were all used to investigate the landscape around the excavation area, to try and gain more knowledge about this settlement. The results so far are striking, as the settlement stretched much further along the Tiber than previously thought, with some structures appearing much grander than expected. The survey also revealed the route of the Via Amerina, the tombs that flanked it, and the aqueduct.


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