• Şantierul arheologic Sarmizegetusa Regia
  • Grădiştea de Munte
  • Sarmizegetusa Regia
  • Romania
  • Hunedoara County
  • Comuna Orăştioara de Sus


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    • During the campaign of the year 2006, the archaeological excavations consisted of three sections. Two of them were located in the North sector of the Xth terrace while the third one was placed in the SW sector of the XIth terrace. On the Xth terrace, the main results consist of the discovery of an andesite pilaster 1.55 m high and 0.50 - 0.52 wide and a fragmentary small column probably placed in the upper part of the pilaster. Both were found in a pit dug in the native stone until -2.10 m depth, together with many other fragments of limestone blocks, and andesite profiled pieces. This piece was part of the andesite Big Sanctuary on the Xth terrace. Other important finds were the sixth limestone plinths on the last two rows of the small rectangular sanctuary, located on the XIth sanctuary. Searching for traces of illegal diggings made by treasure hunters, we discovered an iron tools deposit made up of 27 pieces and recovered several other iron tools and a pond from older holes. We also made the topographic plan (scale 1:5000) of the entire western civil district of the site (240 sq.m. of forested sloping land), due to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs.


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