• Situl medieval de la Frumuşeni - "Mănăstirea Bizere”
  • Frumuşeni


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      • The archaeological site of Frumuşeni - Bizere Monastery is localized at 1 km north-east from the village (12 km east from Arad), in the meadow of Mureş, on the left bank of the river, at the point known as “The Turk’s Fountain” (Fântâna Turcului). During the 2006 campaign there have been marked out 16 trenches, six north of the church, four in the south-west corner of the refectory, five on the south side of the claustrum and one next to the forest road. The total investigated aria was of 400 m2. The most important discovery in this campaign consists of a chapel north of the church, with a cist grave in it. There have been further investigated 47 graves, summing at this point 154 graves. The discovered archaeological material consists, first of all, of architectonic fragments (capitals, imposts, columns, pavement components), completed by household pottery, glass, adornments, metal objects and coins.


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