• Situl medieval de la Frumuşeni - "Mănăstirea Bizere”
  • Frumuşeni
  • Romania
  • Arad County
  • Comuna Frumuşeni


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    • The main objective of the research was to identify the plan of the 11th - 12th century church. We identified the two phases of the refectory and also the annexes from the east and the west sides of the claustrum court. A portico encompasses the south side of the church yard. The majority of the buildings were raised until the end of the 12th century. We also investigated 40 graves. In the south corridor of the church we discovered a group of sarcophagus graves. The grave goods included in a third of these graves consist of household tools and clothing accessories. A special interest is raised by the uncovering of the mosaics of this church complex. The next step will be to raise a protection building over the ruin of the church.


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