• Şimleu Silvaniei
  • Romania
  • Sălaj County
  • Oraş Şimleu Silvaniei


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    • The location called Cetate was researched till 2003 through the tracing of 34 cassettes and trenches in the interval between 1992 and 1997, as an area of 1051 sq.m. was uncovered. This year`s campaign was meant to exhaustively research the terrace T2 on which a metallurgical workshop, and the research of the lower terraces to find traces of other Dacian earthworks. Another objective was to research the mediaeval castle on the upper plateau of the hill, to complete the information about mediaeval and Dacian earthworks. Due to this situation we traced two trenches and four cassettes which uncovered a surface of 98.3 sq.m.


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