• Aşezarea Gava de la Călineşti-Oaş - „Dealul Hurca“
  • Călineşti Oaş
  • Romania
  • Satu Mare County
  • Comuna Cãlineşti-Oaş


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  • 1000 BC - 800 BC
  • 1200 BC - 800 BC


    • The Hallstattian fortified settlement on Hurca hill (Călineşti - Oaş, in the north-western part of Romania), with a surface of approximately 10 ha, has a strategic position on the valley of the Tur River, at the entrance in Oaş depression. Discovered in 1999, the site continued to be excavated in the year 2000. During that year, we excavated three dwellings belonging to Gáva culture (Ha B). The finds include: numerous sherds, zoomorphic figurines, small fragments of bronze artifacts and a casting mould for bronze axes (celts) with straight and thickened edges. Also, the rocky core of the vallum was sectioned for archaeological excavations.


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