• Aşezarea de la Jurilovca - „Capul Dolojman“
  • Jurilovca
  • Argamum, Orgame
  • Romania
  • Tulcea County
  • Comuna Jurilovca


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  • 400 AD - 500 AD


    • The 2000 archaeological campaign at Argamum was concentrated on three monuments: Basilica no. 2, Basilica no. 1 and the main gate. Basilica no. 2. Outside the basilica, towards southwest, we discovered a Late Roman street level, a fragment of a Late Roman building previously investigated and a Hellenistic waste pit. Basilica no. 1. In S. I, S. II trenches fragments of the precinct wall were discovered; the way in which the wall links to the basilica absis proves that the basilica was built earlier. The main gate. Outside the main gate of the city we found the street which continues the one from the intramurals part of the city.


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