• Le Grottelline
  • Spinazzola
  • Spinazzola
  • Italy
  • Apulia
  • Bari
  • Poggiorsini


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  • 5000 BC - 3300 BC


    • Excavations undertaken in 2004 and 2005 in the locality of Le Grottoline brought to light a dwelling of which the perimeter, made up of _medium_ sized stones, was identified. At present two sides, almost at right angles, have been uncovered. They enclosed a reddish-brown beaten earth floor. There was also a cobbled area with faunal remains (probably for butchery and food preparation) and an area almost 2 m2 laid out with stones, grinders and baked-clay slabs. The walls were made from tree trunks and wattle and daub, as attested by the abundant remains of mud plaster with impressions of branches and trunks. The materials recovered date to the early Neolithic period and mainly comprised pottery with impressed decoration. Occupation of the site continued throughout the Neolithic era, evidence of which was provided by fragments of pottery decorated with wide bands of red paint and pottery of the Serra Alto and Diana facies found on the surface and in the trenches dug at the area’s edge, towards the cave. These finds confirm a demographic situation similar to those known on sites in the territory of Matera and in Apulia.


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