• via dell'Acqua Bullicante
  • Roma
  • Italy
  • Lazio
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  • Rome


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  • 300 BC - 1 BC


    • In the course of excavations for the laying of cables a series of structures belonging to a Roman farm emerged between the via Praenestina and the Labicana Casilina, specifically along the via dell'Acqua Bullicante between via Atripalda and via Policastro. Although the area investigated was small, due to modern intrusions on both sides of the excavation, we were able to identify a series of building phases, with occupation, abandonment, robbing and destruction. On the edge of the area examined were found walls in dry stone cut from larger blocks of Tufo lionato┬┤that had formed part of an earlier ashlar wall. The complex forms part of the panorama of the eastern suburb of Rome which formed during the wider process of territorial organization begun during the third century b.C.


    • Roberto Manigrasso. 2004. Un insediamento rurale in via dell'Acqua Bullicante a Roma. FOLD&R Italy: 9.


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