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  • 1000 BC - 1 BC


    • RESCUE EXCAVATIONS NEAR THE TOWN OF DEVIN (Alexei Gotsev – alexaim@abv.bg, Vasil Markov) Pottery of the 1st millennium BC was found during field survey in 2004. For this reason, a sondage excavation was carried out. Geodetic and tacheometrical surveying of the site preceded twenty-three sondages to demonstrate the existence of presumable cultural strata and their chronology. However, no well-preserved cultural layer was revealed within the sondages. A small quantity of archaeological material testifies that the site was occupied during the 1st millennium BC. The material does not allow the identification of the character of the site: cult center, settlement or other. A clear archaeological context was discovered only in one sondage: part of a floor level of fired clay plaster belonging to a dwelling was explored. Fragments of fired lath-and-plaster were found on the floor. Rows of stones, part of a stone wall and a post pad were discovered close to the floor level. The stone structures were not related to any clear cultural stratum. A small quantity of archaeological material was found: spindle whorls, flint artifacts, etc. The quantity of the pottery is also small. It dates generically to the prehistoric period.


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