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  • Gazzo, Ronchetrin
  • Gazzo
  • Italy
  • Lombardy
  • Province of Mantua
  • Quistello



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    • This was the second season of excavations in the locality of Ronchetrin at Gazzo Veronese. A 60 × 4 m trench was opened with the aim of gaining further data about the line, construction techniques and dating of the Roman road that ran from Hostilia to Vero... Read More
    • This was the third excavation campaign in the locality of Ronchetrin at Gazzo Veronese. A 17 × 5 m trench was opened in order to further investigate the necropolis situated along the Roman road known as the “via Claudia Augusta Padana”, uncovered in 2015. ... Read More
    • This was the fourth excavation campaign in the locality of Ronchetrin at Gazzo Veronese. The areas opened in 2015-2016 were extended to the south (25 × 5 m) and the north (20 × 10 m) in order to obtain further data from the necropolis situated along the vi... Read More
    • This was the fifth campaign of excavations in the territory of Gazzo – locality of Ronchetrin as part of the GaVe Project (Indagini archeologiche a Gazzo Veronese – Verona). New trenches were opened and those opened in 2014 and 2017 were extended with... Read More


    • Patrizia Basso - Valeria Grazioli - Sabrina Masotti - Jessica Mongillo - Marcella Giulia Pavoni - Marina Scalzeri - Elisa Zentilini . 2021. Roman Cemeteries in Gazzo Veronese (VR) along the via Claudia Augusta . FOLD&R Italy: 498.
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  • 600 BC
  • 100 BC
  • 200 AD