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      • The Salapia Exploration Project was created to study the Roman and medieval town of Salapia, the most important of the known historical settlements within the territory of Saline di Margherita di Savoia, of which little is known in the period following its... Read More
      • This season’s excavations concentrated on the area between trenches I and II opened in 2014, on a north-west alignment, and a sector within trench II, immediately east of the tannery identified during the previous year.

        In trench I, more rooms belonging t

        ... Read More
      • Investigations continued in the area of the Roman town of Salapia, on the southern shores of the ancient Lake Salpi, now the saltpans of Margherita di Savoia in Apulia. Research mainly took place in the area of the domus in insula XII, also excavated... Read More
      • During the 2017 campaign, work took place in two distinct sectors of this settlement, which has a long and multi-layered settlement history. Trench III began the exploration of so-called Insula XIX of the Roman town of Salapia. The excavations docume... Read More


      • Roberto Goffredo, Darian M. Totten, Sara Loprieno - Università di Foggia. 2018. Salapia romana. Salpi medievale (Cerignola, FG): Notizie dagli scavi 2017 . FOLD&R Italy: 426.
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