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  • Abini
  • Sa badde de sa domo
  • Italy
  • Sardinia
  • Provincia di Nuoro
  • Teti



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    • The sanctuary of Abini is situated in a pleasant valley in central Sardinia, strategically placed along a natural transhumance route, still used by shepherds, in the territory of Teti (Nuoro). It is one of the best-known nuragic cult sites due to the incre... Read More
    • The site of Albini is a nuragic village with a sanctuary. The cult space is defined by a large elliptical enclosure inside which there is a cavity for water collection that, together with what remains of the apsidal part of the structure, is all that survi... Read More
    • This season, excavations took place outside the sacred enclosure in order to clarify the nature and layout of the rooms situated in the area in front of it.

      The removal of the surface layer revealed the perimeter wall of a circular structure (structure 2)

      ... Read More
    • The excavations concentrated on structure 4, uncovered in 2014, and the area outside it. Numerous faunal remains, mainly pig, pottery fragments from cups, bowls with inverted rims, ovoid jars and carinated bowls, were found inside the room in a layer of da... Read More


    • Lidia Puddu. 2013. Il santuario nuragico Abini – Teti (Nu): i reperti ceramici delle campagne di scavo 2000-2002. FOLD&R Italy: 289.
    • PDF permalink
    • Lidia Puddu. 2014. Un frammento di fiasca del pellegrino di Abini (Teti - Nu). FOLD&R Italy: 305.
    • PDF permalink
  • 2000 BC
  • 1200 BC
  • 500 BC