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  • Badia di Montescudaio
  • Badia
  • Monastero di S. Maria



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      • The “Badia”, is the Benedictine convent of Santa Maria, situated on the plateau that slopes gently down to the river Cecina, along the ancient pilgrim route, in the territory of modern Montescudaio. This convent was one of the many ecclesiastical foundatio... Read More
      • In 2008 excavations continued on the Abbey of Montescudaio, undertaken by the local administration and the University of Pisa. The new campaign aimed at completing the archaeological sequence in the areas where excavation had begun, and the opening of new ... Read More
      • The new campaign aimed to complete the sequences in a number of areas already underway, and to open new trenches in the medieval cloister. Furthermore, study of the walls continued and the first quantification of the finds was undertaken prior to the divis... Read More


      • Emanuele Vaccaro-Università di Trento. 2019. Tombarelle (Cinigiano, GR), parte II: le ceramiche tardoromane e medievali . FOLD&R Italy: 443.
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    • 700 AD
    • 950 AD
    • 1490 AD
    • 1730 AD
    • 1850 AD