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FOLD&R: the Journal of Fasti On-Line

Archaeological Conservation Series

Fasti Online Documents & Research, Archaeological Conservation, is a peer-reviewed, online journal containing articles which report on recent interventions in archaeological conservation, as well as experimental and theoretical work – although we do prefer links to specific projects. For each article published we will need a record sheet for the Fasti Online Archaeological Conservation database, an abstract in English, and a text of no more than 25 pages, with a maximum of 25 illustrations. Please consult the notes for contributors. We aim to publish all accepted contributions within a month of their peer review.

Please send all contributions to the Editorial Secretary, fasticonservation@iccrom.org.

Notes for Authors


25 pages single spaced without illustrations is the agreed maximum, but longer texts can be negotiated.


Bibliographic citations should be placed in a footnote. These should give the name of the author in small capitals followed by the year of publication, a colon, and the page numbers (start and finish).

e.g. Jolivet 1982: 4-6.


A full bibliography of works cited should be given at the end of the text.

a. Single-authored volumes: the name of the author in full caps, initial, year: title of the work in italics, volume number, place of publication, if a second edition date of the second edition follow with the number of the edition superscripted.

e.g.: Morel J.P., 1981, Céramique Campanienne: les Formes, Rome.

b. Collective volumes (festschriften, conferences, catalogues): Author names as above, date: title of article between single quotes, in, editor name in small capitals, ed., title of the volume in italics followed eventually by the date and title of the conference or exhibition, volume number, place of publication, first and last pages.

e.g.: Coarelli F., 1996, ‘Legio linteata: l’iniziazione militare nel Sannio’, in in L. Del Tutto Palma (a cura di), La Tavola di Agnone nel contesto italico, Atti del Convegno di studio (Agnone 13-15 aprile 1994), Florence: 3-45.

c. Articles in lexica:

e.g.: Thulin H., 1909, s.v. ‘etrusca disciplina’, in Real-Enciclopedie…

d. Articles in journals: Author(s) name(s) in small capitals, initial, date, title of work between single quotes, journal name in Italics, number of journal: first and last pages.

e.g.: Murray Threipland L., Torelli M., 1970, ‘A semisubterranean etruscan building in the Casale Pian Roseto (Veii) area’, in Papers of the British School at Rome 38: 62-121.


We encourage good graphic documentation, and place no limit on the amount of illustrations published. Illustrations should be furnished at 300 dpi, preferably in colour, in JPG or TIF. For excavation reports we always require one or more plans of the excavation.

Web pages

We are interested in receiving publications that use the resources of the web: thus, in the case of the excavation of a complex site, the plan of the site might contain elements which can be clicked for more information. For an example of this sort of publication see Excavations at Cosa. The creation of such a page would be the responsibility of the author, but we are happy to advise on such a project.

Citing FOLD&Rs

The FOLD&R publication is licensed by AIAC under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. Please cite and attribute all authors accordingly. For permission to publish illustrations from the text please apply to the author directly.