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  • Brunku S’Omu
  • Mitza Margiani
  • Italy
  • Sardinia
  • Province of Oristano
  • Pau



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    • The proto-historic site of Brunku S’Omu is situated in the territory of Villa Verde (OR), in central-southern Sardinia, on the eastern slope of Monte Arci, one of the most important obsidian mining centres in the Mediterranean.

      It may be suggested that th

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    • The proto-historic site of Brunku S’omu is situated in the territory of Villa Verde (OR), in central-southern Sardinia, on the east side of Monte Arci. This research project involving excavations and survey began in 2013. During this second campaign, two s... Read More
    • The excavations were undertaken with the collaboration of students from the Universities of Cagliari, Roma Tre and Granada, directed by Prof. Riccardo Cicilloni, assisted by Marco Cabras and Giacomo Paglietti. Work continued on several structures in the se... Read More
    • These excavations are undertaken by the University of Cagliari with collaboration from the universities of Granada (Spain) and Aarhus (Denmark). This campaign continued the investigation of the northern block in the village, with the excavation of hut 17, ... Read More
    • This season, the excavation of the interior of hut 17 was completed. This was a large sub-circular hut (SN 6.80 m; WE 5.40 m) with two large facing niches on the NW/SE axis and three small niches in the N and E wall and inside the W niche. On the east side... Read More
    • During this campaign, excavation continued in the north block of the village, where in the past huts 1, 16, 17 and 18 were investigated. In particular, excavation took place in the NW sector situated between the exterior NE wall of hut 16 and the SW wall o... Read More


    • Marco Serra, Carla Cannas , Martina Montisci , Giacomo Paglietti , Riccardo Cicilloni - Dipartimento di Storia, Beni Culturali e Territorio - Università di Cagliari. 2016. Metallurgia del piombo e siderurgia nel sito protostorico di Brunku ’e s’Omu (Sardegna centro-occidentale): inquadramento funzionale dei manufatti e ricostruzione dei processi produttivi. FOLD&R Italy: 354.
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    • Roberta Pinna - Marco Cabras - Maurizio Cattani - Riccardo Cicilloni. 2020. La capanna 18 del villaggio protostorico di Bruncu ‘e s’Omu – Villa Verde (OR) . FOLD&R Italy: 490.
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    • Cristina Concu - Marco Cabras - Marco Zedda - Riccardo Cicilloni. 2023. La capanna 17 del villaggio protostorico di Bruncu ‘e S’Omu – Villa Verde (OR). FOLD&R Italy: 558.
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  • 1900 BC
  • 1150 BC
  • 850 BC