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  • Castel de Pedena
  • San Gregorio nelle Alpi



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      • Castel de Pedana is a prehistoric fortified village with a long occupation, situated on the “levelled” summit of a hill, created by erosion in the wide fluvialglacial Pleistocene terraces of the Valbelluna, on the right bank of the river Piave. The hill do... Read More
      • The 2007 campaign concentrated on the eastern side of the hill. In the westernmost part of the excavation area, towards the summit, a series of large boulders of diverse morphology and petrology came to light. They formed a continuous row on an north-south... Read More
      • The excavation worked on two fronts: the first corresponding to the extension of the excavation towards the south-west, the second along the deepening of the west-east trench. The site’s geology was further investigated by the geomorphologist Prof. G. B. P... Read More
      • The excavation was extended to the south, further in depth excavation was undertaken in correspondence with various parts of the structures and an east-west trench was opened in correspondence with the northern sector. One of the main aims was the cleaning... Read More
      • The fifth excavation campaign on the upland site of Castel de Pedana (S. Gregorio nelle Alpi – BL) took place between 28th June-23rd July 2010 with the deepening of the excavations at key points on the site. One of the areas examined was that between the t... Read More
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