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  • Capo S. Elia
  • Cagliari
  • Italy
  • Sardinia
  • Province of Cagliari
  • Cagliari



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    • The excavation is situated on the southernmost outcrop of Capo S. Elia in the territory of Cagliari. The area is formed by a plateau at 138m a.s.l. Archaeological material dating from the 6th-5th millennia B.C. has been recovered in various zones such as t... Read More
    • In 1861, Filippo Nissardi found a Punic inscription (3rd cent. B.C.) with a dedication to Astarte at Capo S. Elia di Cagliari, which was published by canon Giovanni Spano. Between 2002 and 2008, a series of surveys documented the site’s extension, revealin... Read More
    • The second excavation campaign began in 2009 and concluded in 2010, continuing the investigations started in 2008 in the area where walls perhaps belonging to a medieval monastic complex were present. The excavation revealed a vast area (30 × 6 m) paved wi... Read More
    • During the third campaign excavations were carried out to the south-east of the zone investigated in 2008 and 2009. This area is behind the Pisan tower where, among the vegetation of agave and Mediterranean maquis, part of a wall was visible. The excavatio... Read More
    • The work during this fourth campaign took place in two different sectors of the excavation area. The area was extended to the north-east, towards the Pisan tower, in order to clarify the plan of the rectangular building uncovered during the 2012 campaign.... Read More
  • 6800 BC
  • 5000 BC
  • 1700 AD
  • 2000 AD