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  • Kyiv (Desyatynna tserkva)
  • misto Kyiv., vul. Volodymyrivs’ka, 2
  • Desyatynna tserkva



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      • In 2007 the excavation area was 120 m2. The excavation V is very informative (102 m2). It is situated to the northwest from Desyatynna Tserkva. Excavation was at the area of southeastern part of Starokyivs’ka Hora (Starokyivs’ka Hill) and crossing the fos... Read More
      • Investigation of Kyivs’ke Horodishche (hillfort). In 2008 near the north – west corner of Desyatynna Tserkva had finished excavation of the ditch, and began excavation extension. Area of work was 114 m2. In 2008 was finished investigation of wooden-grounde... Read More
      • At the excavation VII was investigated area 80 m2 . The layer of black humus included fragments of wheel-made pottery of the end of 10th, small pieces hand-made pottery, colored metal bell, animal bones, coals, burned clay and burned bones. Very important... Read More
      • In 2011 was finished investigation in the excavation IX. Area of excavation was 15 m2. On this excavation was investigated external edge of the ditch of Starokyivs’ke Horodyshche (hillfort). The length of edge about 4 m. Distance to the north wall of Desia... Read More
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