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  • Shestovytsya (horodyshche)
  • selo Shestovytsya, Chernihivs`kyy rayon, Chernihivs`ka oblast`



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      • The Hillfort covers 1 hectare, with a fairly smooth surface. Along the perimeter there were the bank whose northern part rises1—2 m, with a base 20 —25 m wide. The bank was excavated by the trench 4 (24×2 m), and three construction periods could be obse... Read More
      • The new excavation 15 was initiated at the Shestovytsya Hillfort in 2007. The excavation area was 137 sq. m. Here were recovered 13 pits and 7 households. Among them, there are households 2, 4—7 and pits 1, 2, 5 are dated to the 12th cent. AD; pits 3—4, 7—... Read More
      • На городищі закладено розкопи 24 (загальною площею 60 м2) та 25 (загальною площею 53 м2), якими продовжено дослідження оборонних споруд східної частини майданчика. Розкоп 24 закладено на південно-східному краю городища Коровель. На площі розкопу зберегла... Read More
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