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  • Afragola, TAV - V sottotratta, lotto 1
  • Padule



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      • Lot 1 (trench 1052-3051), opened as part of the watching brief on the route of the TAV railway line, revealed traces of settlements destroyed by the Pomici di Avellino eruption, which preserved a number of structural elements datable to the late Bronze Age... Read More
      • A dense series of human and animal footprints came to light in lot 1, as in other lots on the route of the TAV railway, above the primary deposit of the so-called Pomici di Avellino eruption (3457 + 66 b.p. 18th century B.C.).

        The footprints, which atte

        ... Read More
      • Investigations continued in lot 1. On the ancient ground surface which had formed over the ashes from the Agnano 3 eruption (46000 b.p.) a structure with a sub-rectangular plan appeared. It had an apse in one of its short sides and was on an east/north-eas... Read More
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