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  • Augusta Traiana - Basilica
  • Stara Zagora
  • Augusta Traiana, Vereya
  • Bulgaria
  • Stara Zagora



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    • EXPLORATIONS OF EARLY CHRISTIAN BASILICA IN AUGUSTA TRAIANA (Krasimir Kalchev – The site is situated in the northwestern part of the ancient town. Remains of a street and several asynchronous buildings of the Roman period were d... Read More
    • AUGUSTA TRAIANAVEREYA (Maria Kamisheva –, Atanas Atanasov) In 2004, an Early Christian basilica was explored close to the west of the site and part of a temple was discovered. In 2015, the temple was explored. It was built at the... Read More
    • AUGUSTA TRAIANA (Maria Kamisheva – The site was situated in the northern part of Augusta Traiana. The temple of the imperial cult was situated to the west of the cardo; a portico with altars and a building with two rooms behind it ... Read More
  • 400 BC
  • 100 AD
  • 580 AD


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