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  • Monte San Nicola
  • Pietravairano
  • Italy
  • Campania
  • Province of Caserta
  • Vairano Patenora



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    • In the Alife-Matese area, the existence on the western extremity of Monte Nicola of pre-Roman fortified walling has been known for some time. Tracts of this polygonal masonry (of the so-called “I maniera”) are visible at different heights, running lengthwa... Read More
    • In June 2005 excavations continued on the theatre-temple complex on Monte San Nicola in the municipality of Pietravairano.

      A study of the building techniques ( opus incertum with quoining of small limestone blocks) and of the small amount of residual

      ... Read More
    • Work continued between 10th April and 31st May 2006 on the excavation and restoration of the site at Pietravairano. A large sector of the cavea was brought to light, partly cut into the limestone bedrock and completed with a staircase built in _°opus caeme... Read More
    • This campaign, May 2007 to February 2008, saw the complete exposure of the temple building, the terracing on which it stands and part of the cavea of the theatre below. The investigations definitively proved that the structures were part of a single comp... Read More
    • In September 2012, excavations carried out by the Università del Salento reopened on the sanctuary complex of Monte San Nicola.

      The excavations (19th September – 23rd November) opened a new area (Trench E) in correspondence with the eastern sector of the

      ... Read More
    • This was the sixth campaign on the theatre-temple complex (9th October-16th November) The aims were to re-organise the logistical structures and the excavation area; continue excavations in the ima cavea, and the restoration of the recently exposed wal... Read More
    • The work, carried out by Salento University, aimed to complete the excavation of the theatre-temple complex.

      In the theatre, largely excavated in 2007-2008, the excavation of the pronaos was deepened, at the centre of which an “a cappucina” burial, withou

      ... Read More
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