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  • Villa of Diaporit
  • Diaporit, Butrint
  • Buthrotum



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      • The site of Diaporit occupies a small valley on the south-west shore of Lake Butrint. Although the standing remains were noted by the archaeological Italian mission in the 1920’s the first systematic archaeological work was carried out by John Moreland and... Read More
      • The excavations in 2001 continued to investigate the villa as they had in 2000. Trenches A and B, first opened in 2000, were extended and by the end of the season 20 rooms were partially or wholly excavated. The earliest buildings erected over a series of ... Read More
      • The 2002 excavations identified three major phases to the Roman villa. The earliest phase of the villa, dated to the mid 1st century, was on a different alignment to the later phases. This allowed isolated remains to be associated with them. The complex ap... Read More
      • The 2003 excavations uncovered remains dating to the Hellenistic and Republican periods and further sections of the bath house complex. On the lower terrace beneath 1st century AD deposits a wall and a line of three cross-shaped pier bases were found. A co... Read More
      • The 2004 season was dedicated to discovering more about the Hellenistic occupation of the site. Hellenistic levels were identified in three separate areas of the site, demonstrating the extent of this early occupation which covered an area of up to 2,000 m... Read More
    • 900 BC
    • 300 BC
    • 250 AD