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  • Temple of Heroon
  • Butrint
  • Buthrotum
  • Albania
  • Vlorë County
  • Bashkia Konispol
  • Xarre



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    • The Temple is situated west of the aqueduct and was first excavated by the Albanian Institute of Archaeology in the 1980’s. At this time it was interpreted as a bath house or a cistern dating to the early imperial period. In 2004 it was further excav... Read More
    • Further excavations were carried out in 2005 on the building previously identified as a temple in 2004. The structure was exposed and the western and southern sides were excavated. The temple proved to be in Italic style and in an ionic order. The moulding... Read More
    • The purpose of excavations in 2006 was to explore this monument in its topographic setting after the uncovering of it in 2005. To the north of this temple are two monuments excavated in 2001 and 2002 which clearly had some ritual purpose. These m... Read More
  • 300 BC
  • 200 AD
  • 600 AD