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  • Quartiere Mulino a Vento
  • Enna
  • Italy
  • Sicily
  • Province of Enna
  • Nicosia



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Summary (English)

  • A watching brief undertaken during recent work on the urban water supply in the so-called Zona Monte in the city of Enna, led to the identification and exploration of part of a necropolis in the Mulino a Vento area. Three trenches were opened revealing 14 burials in graves cut into the calcarenite bedrock. Almost all were characterised by the lack of grave goods, the deceased being positioned on his/her right side and the graves west-east alignment.
    Pottery fragments datable to the Hellenistic and Roman periods were found in the vicinity of the burials attesting the use of the area in earlier periods, and suggesting new hypotheses regarding the city’s ancient topography.

  • Dott.ssa Rossella Nicoletti 


  • Dott.ssa Filippa Pinella Marchese- Dirigente Sezione archeologica Soprintendenza di Enna


  • Dott.ssa Rossella Nicoletti

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