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    Summary (English)

    • The 2020 field campaign at the Pavla Čuka site, in continuation of the previous years, was focused on the plateau on the western side of the dromos of the monumental tomb from the Hellenistic period. As discovered in 2019, this area was used as a burial place in the 11th century of the Medieval period, long after the 4-3 century BC monumental tomb was constructed.
      The 2019 excavation area was extended by 13m2. Tomb 13, discovered in 2019, was fully investigated and bronze and silver jewelry pieces, typical for the 11th century, were discovered. All aspects considered, tombs 13 and 12 (also discovered in the previous campaign), both date at the same time. In addition, two newly discovered structures, tomb 14 and 15, are also from the same period. Tomb 14 is only partially preserved and judging by the dimensions and the scarce osteological remains, it was the burial of a child. Tomb 15 on the other hand, is a complete trapezoid stone slab structure with relatively well-preserved remains of an adult. The only accompanying item was a ceramic jug positioned in the pelvic area of the deceased. In addition to the tombs, another circular stone structure was discovered, similar to the one found in 2019. It represents a small circular enclosure with 2,4 m in diameter. The scarce material found inside the structure suggests a late Roman date, although this remains to be confirmed. The finds from the general area in-between and around the structures, although very scarce, also suggest human activities at this location during various archaeological periods, including the Late Antiquity


    • Antonio Jakimovski - Faculty of Philosophy - Department of Art History and Archaeology
    • Dusko Temelkoski


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