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  • Pavla Chuka
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Summary (English)

  • The Pavla Chuka site in the Prilep part of Mariovo is a monumental tomb from the end of the 4th-begining of third century BC, which has been a subject of archaeological investigations for a long period of time. The excavations of the end of 2019 were focused on the area outside of the tomb, at the plateau west of the dromos. Here, at an area of 21 m2, remains of stone walls and two burials were discovered. Some of the wall remains probably belonged to structures contemporary and in function of the monumental tomb. The two burials are the latest events at the site and according to the discovered artifacts inside (bronze and silver decorative pieces), they were dated to the 10-11 century AD. They were buried in, and therefore cut the stone structures. In the soil above the walls and the burials some isolated artifacts from the late Antiquity were discovered.
    Apart from the excavations, also part of this campaign was reconnaissance of the surrounding area, i.e., other sites from the Staro Bonche archaeological complex.
    During the reconnaissance, at the other end of the tumulus of the monumental tomb a burial was noted, which is probably dated to the Late Antiquity. At the Petochna Voda site, a new necropolis was noted, which, according to the few surface finds of coins of Alexander the Great, is dated to the Hellenistic period. At the Gramada Pod Tri Kamena site a few damaged burials were noticed, dating to the same period.


  • Antonio Jakimovski - Faculty of Philosophy - Department of Art History and Archaeology
  • Dusko Temelkoski


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