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  • Piazza Municipio; Castel Nuovo
  • Napoli
  • Neapolis
  • Italy
  • Campania
  • Naples
  • Naples



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    • Archaeological excavations undertaken in Piazza Municipio during the construction of an underground station identified, in the 16th century ditch of the fortifications of Castel Nuovo, the portico and channels alongside an Angevin road linking the ancient ... Read More
    • Investigations revealed the continuation of the structures, partially uncovered previously, belonging to the system of fortifications of Castel Nuovo, in particular the walls delimiting the third ditch outside the bastioned circuit wall. Three construction... Read More
    • The excavation confirmed that the entire area had been occupied by the sea. In the basin investigated a succession of sea beds came to light belonging to the area closest to the bank where boats of low tonnage could enter and moor. Between 3 and 4.00 m bel... Read More
    • An investigation was made of the structures of the external fortifications of Castel Nuovo and successive transformations until the end of the19th century. The earliest elements found to date were situated west of the Castel Nuovo and comprised a circular ... Read More
    • Excavations continued around Castel Nuovo in piazza Municipio. The investigation continued with the exploration of the north-western part of the bastioned wall surrounding the second ditch and the buildings inside it, already partly uncovered. The wall de... Read More
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