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  • Prehistoric settlement of Sovjan
  • Sovjan



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    Summary (English)

    • The excavations of this season had three main objectives: to clean the Late Bronze Age structures of the sectors A3, A5 and A6; to extend the sondages in the sectors A7 and A9; the discovery of the other layer in order to reach the sterile layer. The excavation of the Late Bronze Age level of the settlement was also revealed in the trench A6, and continued toward east, in the half western part of the trench A4. In the trench A6 was cleaned the destruction layer of the level 5c, which date to the end of the Late Bronze Age. This layer was rich with wooden carbonized remains. In the North-western side of the trench was cleaned the layer 6, and were revealed 8 wooden timbers, which belong to the habitation level of the Late Bronze Age. On the western side of trench A4, was excavated the destroyed level 5c, revealing remains of a kiln and 3 wooden timbers. On the northern side of the trench was excavated the layer 6. The trenches A7 and A9, were cleaned and joined through a trench, A9b enabling in this way the further study of the layers 5, 6 and 7. In the layer 6, besides a number of timber holes were also discovered two kiln basements that represent two successive periods of time. Layer 7 is divided into two levels; the earlier represents different baking structures. In the Middle Bronze Age level, amidst the layer 7 and 8, a settlement was revealed. This layer was rich with archaeological material.


    • Gilles Touchais - Université de Paris I
    • Petrika Lera - Instituti i Arkeologjisë Tiranë, Departamenti i Prehistorisë (Albanian Institute of Archaeology, Department of Prehistory)


    • Cécile Oberweiler - Université Paris I
    • Josette Renard - Université de Haute Bretagne
    • Armelle Gardeisen - Centre National Dela Recherche Scientifique

    Research Body

    • Instituti Arkeologjik Tiranë (Albanian Institute of Archaeology)
    • Université De Paris I

    Funding Body

    • Ministre des Affaires étrangères


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