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  • Prehistoric settlement of Sovjan
  • Sovjan
  • Albania
  • Korçë County
  • Bashkia Maliq
  • Komuna e Pirgut



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    • The excavations of this season had three main objectives: to clean the Late Bronze Age structures of the sectors A3, A5 and A6; to extend the sondages in the sectors A7 and A9; the discovery of the other layer in order to reach the sterile layer. The excav... Read More
    • The excavation of this year was conditioned by the favourable dryness that covered the whole territory of the Balkans, reducing the water level in the site of Sovjan. Thus, the timber structures discovered in the trenches A7, A9, A9b and A10 were entirely ... Read More
    • During this season, the sondages A7, A9 and A10 (east-west), were extended about 2 m to the east. The sector A10b, measuring approximately, 5, 70 × 4, 00 m, joined the two last sondages A9, A10, toward the east. On the other side continued the excavation i... Read More
    • This archaeological season began by cleaning the channel, which due to seasonal rain was filled with water up to the level of 814.05m. The accumulated water enabled us to assemble and analyze the organic remains in the site. The main intentions of this sea... Read More
    • Vendbanimi i Sovjanit, u zbulua në vitin 1988 gjatë punimeve për hapjen e një kanali drenazhimi në skajet perëndimore të ish Kënetës së Maliqit. Prej vitit 1993, një mision Franko-Shqiptar ka ndërmarrë gërmime sistematike në këtë vendbanim. Gërmimet e përq... Read More
    • Në vitin 2006 u bën dy sondazhe të reja të cilat bashkuan dy sektorët e mëparshëm (A3 – A6 dhe A7b – A10) me një kanal rreth 10 × 2 m. Kuadratët e rinj morën numrat A13 dhe A14. Shtresat 1, 2, 3, ishin të varfra ndërsa në shtresën 4 u zbulua material qeram... Read More
  • 8000 BC
  • 6000 BC
  • 1100 BC