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Summary (English)

  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR THE VILLAGE OF GLEDACHEVO (Plamen Karailiev –, Reni Petrova) The exploration of the mediaeval settlement continued over an area of c. 0.2 ha and 12 houses, 10 farm buildings and 36 pits were discovered. The houses and the farm buildings were sunken-floored or built above the ground and postholes from the walls were documented. Hearths and domestic ovens constructed of roughly cut stones bonded with mud were discovered in the houses. The ovens contained ash, charcoal and sherds. From one to three pits were discovered in the floors of the houses and the farm buildings. The pits were used for storage. Septic pits containing pottery were discovered, too. The finds from the excavations included a copper tetarteron of Manuel I Komnenos minted in Thessaloniki, small iron knives, nails, bone awls, glass bracelets, spindle whorls, looms for fishing nets, local and imported pottery with goldish slip or sgraffito (pots, jugs, pitchers, cups, bowls and lids). The settlement dated from the end of the 11th to the end of the 12th centuries.

  • Plamen Karailiev - Archaeological Museum ‘Maritsa – East’ 
  • Reni Petrova - Archaeological Museum ‘Maritsa – East’ 



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  • Archaeological Museum ‘Maritsa – East’

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