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  • Chavdarova Cheshma Settlement
  • Simeonovgrad
  • Bulgaria
  • Haskovo
  • Simeonovgrad



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Summary (English)

  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR SIMEONOVGRAD (Yavor Boyadziev –, Antoaneta Andonova, Kamen Boyadziev) The exploration of the Early Bronze Age drainage ditch, 2.50 – 4.70 m wide and 1 – 2.50 m deep, was completed. Late Neolithic strata were explored. A number of ovens and storage pits were discovered. A ramshackle building was discovered in Trench J12. Three consecutive buildings were documented. The earliest Building 5 was over 9.60 m long and 5.50 m wide and was destroyed by fire. The layer of burned debris was up to 60 cm thick, containing fragmentary wattle-and-daub and plasters with imprints from wooden beams arranged close to each other. Immediately after the destruction of Building 5, Building 3 was constructed. It measured 7.20 m by 6.40 m and was two-storey. Its western wall was identified by a row of postholes. The latest Building 6 was two-storey. The finds from the excavations included fragments from small terracotta cult tables and bone tools. The explorations showed that the settlement dated to the first half of the Late Neolithic period and the buildings were situated at 50 – 60 m from each other.

  • Yavor Boyadziev - Archaeological Institute with Museum 
  • Antoaneta Andonova - Department of Archaeology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski 


  • Kamen Boyadziev - Archaeological Institute with Museum


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  • Archaeological Institute with Museum

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