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  • Petrova Niva Settlement
  • Sveshtari
  • Bulgaria
  • Razgrad
  • Isperih
  • Maluk Porovec



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Summary (English)

  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS IN SBORYANOVO (Elena Pencheva –, Mariya Nikolaeva) A semi-dug sunken-floored storage room with approximate size 3.40 m by 4 m was explored in trench 34/23. Its eastern wall was 40 cm thick and was built of stones arranged in Läufer-Binder-Technik. Charcoal from burned timber construction was found. The floor was from trampled clay. A dolium, a small pot, querns and an arrowhead were found in the room. A sunken-floored room with approximate size 3.40 m by 3.40 m was documented in the northern part of the yard. Its walls were faced with stones bonded with clay. Small terracotta figurines were found in the room. A sunken-floored room was documented in trenches 35/21 and 41/1. Clay plaster was found. Burned plaster from clay floor of a room was found in trench 41/2. The room was burned during the fire that destroyed the settlement. A flat clay baking dish was discovered in the room. A stone wall, parallel to the fence wall, was documented in the western part of the yard.

  • Elena Pencheva - Department of Archaeology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski 
  • Mariya Nikolaeva - Museum of History – Isperih 



Research Body

  • Museum of History - Isperih
  • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

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