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  • Petrova Niva Settlement
  • Sveshtari
  • Bulgaria
  • Razgrad
  • Isperih
  • Maluk Porovec



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Summary (English)

  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS IN SBORYANOVO (Elena Pencheva –, Mariya Nikolaeva) The exploration of the sunken-floored house in trench No. 41 continued. Two construction periods were registered. During the first period the house had one room. During the second period the house was partly dug, its area was enlarged and it was divided in two rooms by a perpendicular wall. The walls of the house had timber construction. A hearth was explored close to the house. The finds include ceramic vessels, two bone awls, a small stone ball, two spindle whorls, two iron arrowheads, two small knives, an iron nail, a cramp, an iron plate and a small whetstone. The exploration of the wall with faces built of big stones and a core of small stones continued in trenches Nos. 33, 40, 41. The wall is c. 1 m in width. Most likely it surrounded the yard of the house. Slag, burned lath-and-plaster and melts were found in one area of the yard. Presumably, a workshop existed there. The exploration of the walls in sondage No. 2/1983 continued. A corner of a monumental building was discovered. The wall oriented southwest-northeast was explored at 28 m in length and the wall oriented northwest-southeast was explored at 11 m in length. The walls are 1.20 – 1.50 m in width and are built of uneven stones. Early Mediaeval sherds were found.


  • Elena Pencheva - Department of Archaeology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
  • Mariya Nikolaeva - Museum of History – Isperih


Research Body

  • Museum of History - Isperih
  • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

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