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  • Anishte Settlement
  • Granichak
  • Bulgaria
  • Vidin
  • Belogradchik



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Summary (English)

  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR THE VILLAGE OF GRANICHAK (Sara Tatarova – The outer surrounding wall in Sector II, Trenches R3 and Q3, was 60 cm wide. The explorations of Room No. 7 of Building No. 1 with an apse began in 2004. The western and the southern walls were discovered. A layer with debris was explored. Coins of the second half of the 4th century AD, nails and stamped building ceramics were found. In 2009 the layer with debris was thoroughly explored. It was 90 cm thick and consisted of fragmentary building ceramics and mortar. Significant part of the building ceramics had stamps that read: DDNNAVCRAT. A layer with traces from fire, up to 10 cm thick, was documented in the room. The northern wall was 50 cm wide and an entrance with a step 60 cm long was located. The finds in the room (coins and a fibula) allow us to date it to the second half of the 3rd – 4th centuries AD.

  • Sara Tatarova - Museum of History - Belogradchik 



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  • Museum of History - Belogradchik

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