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AIAC_100Mercati di TraianoRomaview record
AIAC_1009Kastritsi FortressVarnaview record
AIAC_1041PhilippopolisPlovdivview record
AIAC_1050Chukata FortressKolarovoview record
AIAC_107CarzeranuSettimo S. Pietroview record
AIAC_11Labrofico-CuppiLabrofico-Cuppiview record
AIAC_1115Petrova Niva SettlementSveshtariview record
AIAC_1116Piazza SS. ApostoliRomaview record
AIAC_1125Site at SkalakSkalakview record
AIAC_1248Râmnicu Vâlceaview record
AIAC_1269Ruinele clădirilor din str. Avram Iancu nr. 11 - SibiuSibiuview record
AIAC_132Foro RomanoRomaview record
AIAC_133Via Ariosto, 25/27Roma, Esquilinoview record
AIAC_1418Ruinele clădirilor din str. Avram Iancu nr. 11 - SibiuSibiuview record
AIAC_1419Locuinţa din Piaţa Mare SibiuSibiuview record
AIAC_1442Castelul Apor din TuriaTuriaview record
AIAC_156Via Latina-via LusitaniaRomaview record
AIAC_1662Darsena di Porta TicineseMilanoview record
AIAC_1665Via Gorani, 4Milanoview record
AIAC_1679Classical building at BonjakëtBonjakët, Pojanview record
AIAC_1732CasanovaCarinolaview record
AIAC_175Piazzale S. LorenzoRomaview record
AIAC_1752PozzoPresenzanoview record
AIAC_1761The Roman Forum of ButrintButrintview record
AIAC_1788Building with mosaic at A. Naçi StreetDurrёsview record
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